Our Services

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Gas Fitter

Gas appliances we connect

Water heaters, pool heaters, room heaters, cook-tops, stoves and ovens.

Gas Installs

From the gas meter running pipe work to the appliance of choice, for either LP gas or Natural gas.

Central Gas heating

Central gas hot waters and heating via natural gas or LPG.

Drainage work


From the water authorities Main line running pipe work to fixtures of choice and ventilation lines.

Fixtures we connect

Toilet, basin, floor waste, kitchen Sinks, dishwasher, shower, bath, laundry tub, washing Machine, disconnector gully, main shaft.

Water supply

Water Supply Fitment

From the water meter running pipe work to the fixture of choice.

Fixtures we connect

Toilet, basin, shower, bath, disconnector gully, kitchen sinks, laundry tub, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machines, bidets, fridge, garden taps, and hot water unit.

Plumbing maintenance


From Tap washers to clearing sewer Drains

A small list of maintenance we can provide

Tap washers, clear sewer drains, replace taps, replace traps, clean out gutters, replace and maintain most fixtures, and leaks.

Stormwater plumbing


From the Gutter of the road or authority main line running pipe work to the down pipes and other points.

Points we connect

Storm water pits, down pipes, stormwater tanks, ground water grates, agg drains, and absorption trenches.

Special Devices

Special devices

From limiting water pressure to limiting hot water temperatures.

Some devices we install and recommend

Pressure limiting Valve

to limit pressure for fixtures which require low water pressure.

Isolating Valve

to be able to isolate areas and fixtures from main lines.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

To allow hot water units to function properly.

Tempering Valve

To limit the Hot water temperature to the fixtures such a shower etc.